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Kathryn Comstock, writer and visual artist
K. Bastet pen name

From “Deadly Quiet” my novella, available on Amazon under my pen name.

“Thump. The noise was against the bedroom door now, a bump and a dry, rustling, scraping sound. Sally dripped sweat, now wide awake and trembling. She thought she detected a musty, swamp smell. Thump, thump. She knew she’d have to open the door. I’m being silly, she chided herself; there was never anything there before. She took a deep breath and flung open the door.”

I write fiction short stories, usually adventures or mysteries, under my own name and under pen names. I have several stories in different stages of completion at the moment and one I think will be a novel. I also have a couple paintings knocking around in my head which need to be put on canvas.

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